The ProcessPoint Difference

Consult, Guarantee, Perform: more than a slogan

The ProcessPoint model is very different from your merchant service provider. Our expert consultants are able to match each client’s needs with the best of the top processor offerings in the country. ProcessPoint’s fresh, honest, cost plus approach offers the following unrivaled differences:

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  • Access to 9 National credit card processing platforms, industry average is 1.5
  • Exclusive Processor Truth Serum, eliminates broken guarantees and hidden fees
  • Proprietary Interchange Qualification Software and Reporting System, focuses on uncovering savings on the other 80% of processing fees
  • Specialized industry sector Interchange discounts, Hotel, Schools, Non-Profit
  • Expertise with Visa Security Standards and PCI Compliance requirements
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Our Interchange-Plus pricing structure is continually the lowest cost program in the industry. We beat any bank, bulk warehouse or association's pricing program. Our clients typically see a minimum of 35% off their direct processing fees. With True Interchange-Plus pricing, unlike Cost-Plus, Mid-Non Qualified Tiered, and Daily Discount hidden programs we completely eliminate hidden fees and boast full cost transparency.


  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Guaranteed No Processor Fee Increase
  • Lowest Cost Guarantee Program
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Our program is often suspected of being 'too good to be true', but we guarantee it. The processor fee pricing we introduce to our clients is the same on day-one as it will be 1, 2 and 3 years down the road. No other program is quite like ours. The promises from our competition can sound similar with one major difference: We put our guarantee in writing!


  • 60-day free trial, savings review and no cancelation fee program
  • Dedicated VIP Client Relationship Manager, direct line to the same person every time
  • Our Client Retention Rate is 4.5 times longer than the industry average
  • We enjoy a 65% Referral Rate from our satisfied and loyal Clients
  • ProcessPoint’s typical client processes over $2 million each year, fewer clients at larger volumes reduces overall costs with savings passed on to our clients
  • Last year we saved our clients over $1.8 million in unnecessary and excessive processing fees
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ProcessPoint stands behind its promises. Too often, business owners are skeptical because they were burned in the past. To prove our business model and demonstrate the tremendous savings that are available, we provide a 60-day free trial to new clients. We are the ONLY company which provides this opportunity to ease the apprehension.


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